7 comments on “How Barack brought Mohammed to America in a single Presidency. . .

  1. Funny thing, I have two sons, one of whom has the middle name of Gabriel. I have never called him Gabriel, just his first name. Today, he called, which he does not do too often, just to say Hi. I called him back and I said, “Hi, Gabriel, how’s it hanging?” I then went to the computer and found this. I find it interesting. I never had good vibes about our current puppet president. Although, I know people who thought he would be great. What they think now, I do not know. I still wonder which puppet masters got him into the white house? I may be wrong, but like Monk, I do not think so. I have long felt that things are very amiss with our government (not to keen on most).

    Ya never said what you felt about the, what I called, spiritual battle going on here. I pretty much feel that life is a spiritual experience and that there are many levels. I had not considered that way until recently from many observations.

    Hope all is well with you in your world.

    • Back on Facebook they called me the mindhacker, and the psychopath hunter. I could do amazingly accurate psychological profiles on people and predict their behavior. I have a very, very, bad feeling about this.

  2. Me too as to your feelings about the pres.

    Have you read me yet?

    You still haven’t said anything about the spiritual battle thing. Just want to know your take on it.

    How is it that Obama is okay with Iran and nukes? I must say I have been amazed that no one has attempted to take Obama out or impeach him. He is putting everyone in harms way.

    I saw an email mentioning that the Saudi’s were uneasy about Iran as well.

    Persia used to be so wonderful in the past, to me, from an artist standpoint. Having played hooky a lot as a teen, I missed a lot of history classes and tended to be into science fiction, philosophy and art. Willing to know more. Modern Iran, which it was not so many years ago, has gone retrograde. Why would the populace accept all the restrictions. Was it the Ayatollah what’s his name who got into power and created the current Iran. I had met people from Iran some years ago that fled the country.

    I am yacking overtime .. the bottom line is what is the solution?

    • I am not sure what the question is about the spiritual battle, I might have missed it. There was a rumor that somebody tried to arrest Obama for treason and there was a gun battle at a navy ship yard. I suspect obama is very high ranking in secret society circles. I can answer your questions better if you ask more specific questions. Thank you, and god bless.

  3. I received your Word Press emails. Just so you, I lost my life savings in real estate, do not work, except now and then for a friend, have physical challenges and, economically, am below poverty level … not my spirit, it is always rich. I cannot afford anything a month. Can you live on $1,109 a month? Neither can I, but I am doing my best.

    If my situation was different, it would be a different matter, obviously.

    • I am on unemployment for a while, I am going to try to publish some books in the next couple of months. I am tempted to get off the grid permanently. It seems like there is nothing to be a part of, nothing to fight for. It is depressing, the only solution is to wake people up and educate them. Hopefully we will reach a critical mass, I have my theories on what obama is trying to do, I have been mindhacking him for a while now.

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