3 comments on “Pact with the Devil.

  1. 30k, twice as many have joined the terrorists this year than last, and it means that they can afford to lose 30k every year and still be okay – there’s still enough psychopathic young Muslim men in the world to feed the grinder – in fact, there’s EVER MORE.
    The Syrian army, their only true opponent on the ground (whatever they tell you about the Kurds) is very challenged to kill these cannibals as fast as new ones come in.
    Now of course, the West needs the cannibals, they are it’s infantry in the fight to abolish the last socialist and Russia-friendly, secular (meaning non-a la akbar) republic in Near East Arabia.
    It also means that the West is not planning to do anything against the terrorist travel business nor the kickback refugee influx in Europe, because both are considered enjoyably helpful.

    As many travelling Jihadis come from China and Russia (also the Maghreb and Europe),the West (this meaning the US, Canada, Australia and Britain, with the rest of the EU not realizing it really has different interests) put all their bets on radical Islam, because they trust it will help them dominate Russia and China. They have put their cards on the table and only the very blind still can’t read them. The US are favoring Turkey and Saudi over their continental European allies – the latter are only consumers, while the Islamists can be a real danger to China and Russia.

    The US are actually ever more torn and divided and lacking a strategy. All they can think of is following the simple minded Wolfowitz Doctrine and go for Full Spectrum Domination like Batman.
    So, do away with Russia and China, and try to stay on top. No further ideas.
    And that’s looking less and less manageable every year, so the Muslimization of Europe and the US is really their last concern. Think.
    What difference does it make to politicians what religion the fools that they rule are, as long as they pay their taxes ?

    If you compare the effect Jihadism has in Morocco, an entirely Muslimic kingdom, and elsewhere, it turns out the recruiting effect is relatively strong in non-Muslim societies, and no measures are being taken. If it was just Muslim countries feeding them, they would have bled out by now. Jihadism is a phenomenon inspired by and helped, even financed by, Western elites to further the infantile concept they call the “New World Order”. The Muslims, like them or not, are in their majority just interested in living the life, so nothing would be happening if we let them do just that.
    But the US are just too itchy to do it, because they feel their global influence waning.
    Unfortunately, as 9/11 and ISIS show, the fanatics are hard to control even if you show them your love by ignoring the flight lessons they take or the fifty mile long Toyota columns they use to drive about the desert, or even by shooting down the Russian jets that fight them.

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